Trip to the South

Amelia, Adriel, & Luis

The adventure began just days after concluding MTI 2014. After evaluating all that last year was, we started with the preparations for MTI 2015 “No Holding Back,” starting our first publicity trip in southern Mexico on January 14. Leaving Agua Viva we went to the valley of San Luis RC; there Alicia stayed with her family along with Yoel and Zoe. Saúl and I (Ángel), after spending a day and a half with family, started our trip out of San Luis RC toward Fresnillo Zacatecas on Thursday the 16th at 12:00 am. It was a 30-hour trip by bus from San Luis RC to Fresnillo Zacatecas; two nights and one day where the happiest time was when the driver stopped so we could take partake of the sacred food haha. As soon as we got on board there were movies, snacking on bread, chips etc. But aside from that, there were of course crying kids, snorers, and muscle pain from the discomfort of sitting so long and for staying awake so much. All in all, it never stopped being fun.

Saturday, January 17th we arrived at Fresnillo at 7:40 am and boarded another bus 20 minutes later. We headed to Huejuquiella El Alto Jalisco with our Huichol brothers and sisters arriving around 11. That day Rogelio picked us up at the bus station and took us to his house. After some hugs and greetings from the brothers we felt physically and spiritually stronger as well. That Saturday went by fast and Saúl and I finally got to the time we wanted most: time for SLEEP! Haha. But not without first spending time in fellowship with God in gratitude for our 1st leg of the trip.

Sunday, January 18th when the alarm sounded at 7:20 am, we had every intention of waking up early to pray, bathe, eat breakfast and get ready to go to the mission in Tenzompa where Luis, Amelia and Gabriel are. But when the alarm went off a swift slap of Saúl’s hand was enough to hit snooze and stay asleep, haha, but not for long. Finally we got up, got ready, washed up, and had a delicious coffee. After nearly an hour and a half drive we arrived to rejoice with those who rejoice. It was exciting to see in person and in their own home (church, village) our brothers and friends who greeted us with a smile and a hug. The service began and we sang, prayed, promoted MTI, preached (Ángel) and ministered in prayer to the church (it was a time of blessing). We returned to La Cofradía (with Rogelio), there were no obstacles en route except a roadblock of cows across the path, haha. It was about 2:30 pm when we got to La Cofradía and our stomachs were begging for FOOD! Haha, and finally a succulent and tasty chicken satisfied our stomachs. It came time for the afternoon service and after some time of rejoicing we said hello on behalf of Agua Viva. We promoted MTI and closed. Leaving from there in the evening we headed to the home of Samuel and family where we arrived at a happy time (dinner). We ate chicken again but this time not yet born (egg) haha, it was a time of joy and motivation reminiscing about our year at MTI in 2014. I am convinced that this visit was a refreshment for the soul, to see their smiles was motivating; their eyes reflected love and joy, satisfaction, and gratitude to God for the times we’ve lived together in the Lord. Another blessing was to meet in person Samuel’s pastor, who greeted us with a big smile and hug and who gladly received MTI publicity and prepared to support us in spreading the word of MTI in other churches and brothers from the mountains in the Tepehuana ethnicity. When we least expected, the time had gone quickly and it was late at night so we came home and prayed for Luis and Amelia and their baby Adriel. We closed our time and we went to catch our beauty sleep in our orthopedic bed made of stone (the floor) haha. After dedicating a time in prayer of thanks for our day we lay down thinking that the next day would have to get up at 6am to get ready, arrange everything and take the bus back to Fresnillo and continue our journey towards Abasolo Guanajuato, and that is exactly how it went.

Three pressing needs for the Huichol community:

Continuous prayer for our Huichol brothers.

Personal visits from friends in their community (church)

A leader (spiritual father) to feed the spiritual leaders of the church to a healthy and strong growth.

As for advertising CECAM: Prayer.

We love you. We will keep you up-to-date regarding the trip.