Update from our Interim Exec Directors....

Update from our Interim Exec Directors....

From Becky…..

Thank you for your prayers. I wanted to update you on the staff. We are doing well. We had a tearful devotional time this morning as we reflected on the wonders and miracles God performed on Saturday. We also read a couple of scripture passages that were very meaningful to us. They were: 2 Chronicles 7:12-16, Psalm 91, and Psalm 138. 

Some of the staff members shared their experiences and thoughts. I thought you might be interested to know a few of them.

Eunice’s Story: Everyone was evacuated from camp. We went to the little store up the road from camp and watched the fire burn. We could see the flames. Gray smoke turned to black smoke as the fire started to burn the camp. We waited for the firefighters to show up…they didn’t. The pastor from one of the Mexican groups who was in camp at the time of the fire, gathered us around and we began to pray. As soon as we prayed that God would send help, a fire truck raced by us and headed to camp. We prayed as the fire continued to burn. As soon as it seemed safe enough, we returned to camp, sure that we were going to find the whole thing destroyed. We cried and rejoiced when we saw that the houses and cabins were untouched.

Gaby’s Story: As the fire burned it got too intense for us to be down in the center of camp, so Hector and I walked up to Chuy’s house to watch and pray. As we stood there, we prayed and asked for God’s forgiveness and protection. I watched as Casa de Bereos went up in flames. We saw Bereos burn. We prayed and we waited. When the fire had moved on, we went to the center of camp to see the damage. We walked up to Bereos, knowing that it was going to be destroyed. As we got closer, we were so amazed and awestruck to find that Bereos was untouched. All around was black and burnt, but the building was untouched.

Mary’s Story: The groups were evacuated right before lunch. Lunch was made, but there was no time to eat it. When it was safe to be in camp again, the staff returned to find the firefighters working hard to protect the buildings. After the fire was under control, one of the fire fighters asked me if we had any food, maybe just a sandwich. There were fires all over the hills between Agua Viva and Ensenada. They had been working for a long time without having eaten anything. We just happened to have lunch for 70 people all ready. God even made sure the fire fighters had something to eat.

Becky’s Story: It was Saturday night, darkness had set in and most everyone had gone into Ensenada. Just a few of our guys stayed behind to keep an eye on things. They were all in the center of camp, putting out the last couple of small fires. I ended up alone by the shop. In complete darkness, all I could see were patches of glowing embers and the fire that continued to burn inside the shop. All I could do was cry. I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that I was standing on holy ground. Agua Viva is holy ground, consecrated for God’s holy work.

Sonia’s thoughts: The cross is burnt, but it is still standing. Agua Viva is burnt, but we are still standing. We are not mourning our losses, we are celebrating our victory.

Scott’s thoughts: God let the shop burn because He has something bigger in mind. God doesn’t have expenses, he has investments. Our shop is gone, but that is only because God has bigger plans.

This is nothing short of a miracle. Thanks again for your prayers!!! Also check out the picture I attached. It’s my favorite one that shows how God spared the camp.


FROM Scott….

I uploaded photos to our website:http://www.aguaviva.com/media/photos/fire-at-agua-viva

The fire damaged the drainage system. Chuy and Gaby are working on assessing that damage and creating an estimate to repair it. I do know that 750 feet of drainage pipe needs to be replace. Currently it is a 6” line. Chuy and Gaby would like to take advantage of this opportunity to replace it with an 8” line. I will get that estimate to you as soon as I have that.

As far as the communications antennas goes, I believe that the damage is minor. We lost the cabling from the solar system to each of the 2 antennas, but as far as I can tell that is the only damage. We need to replace the conduit and the cabling. I would like to bury the line in electrical PVC from the solar system to the base of each antenna mast and take rigid conduit up to the antennas. I would also like to buy fire rated cabling. The solar system itself did not appear to suffer any damage. Also, the radios and antennas did not appear to suffer any damage. The real test will be to replace the cables and fire the system up.