Valley Christian Center

Valley Christian Center

Valley Christian Center has been returning to Rancho Agua Viva since 1989 and each year is totally different. The people the projects the VBS the worship are all different every time. Their team has included every occupation you can imagine and in one week they turn into builders, painters,  electricians, landscapers, teachers, preachers, and evangelists. An example of this is as fresh as July 28, 2013 their 25th year.

At 5 AM cars and trucks and a trailer met at VCC in Dublin Ca. about 600 miles from RAV. 21 men, women and teenagers. A short devotion and on the road. 14 hours later they arrive at RAV unpack, eat dinner and go to a campfire with other groups that have also arrived that day. At the campfire the RAV staff explain what we can expect of them and what they expect from us and also that the camp is totally committed to “Reach Mexico For Christ”!

The project this year was adding a 2nd floor to a building at a local church to be used as a Sunday school room. This was being done to free up more space to add chairs in the sanctuary because the church is growing so much.

After 41/2 days the building was weather tight and looking pretty good. Now the men and women from the church could finish it and start using the new space. As for VCC they took Friday afternoon off to go to the beach and pass out 300 spanish bibles, talk to beach goers about Jesus and baptize 2 of the team in the Pacific.

The VBS team, which included members of that local church, were busy all week talking, teaching, playing, and praying with about 70 children from a very poor part of town. Many decisions to follow Christ were made and many lives were impacted by the gift of time and love. Each day after VBS the team would come back to the church and help with the building project.

On Saturday morning they have a time of devotion, take a walk to the cross on a little hill overlooking the camp, have communion, then head back to the U.S. On Saturday night they have a banquet at a hotel in So. Cal. Have an awards ceremony, some serious, most not! Like the “2Xforehead award”.

Thanks to the committed staff of RAV the week was safe, comfortable and fulfilling. Friendships made this week will last forever. Skills learned this week will last a lifetime. Seeds planted in the fertile soil of a Mexican heart will someday bloom. Now our brothers and sisters south of the border can join us as we “Reach Mexico For Christ”