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Soccer Ministry In The Shade

We are looking for someone with a heart for connecting Mexicans and their neighbors to the north, someone who loves communicating, organizing, and facilitating projects, someone who has an eye for detail, a desire to serve others, and a passion for building relationships.  If that’s you, you could be our next head of programming.  As Agua Viva’s head of programming you will:

 • Facilitate intercultural partnerships.

 • Build initial relationships with Mexican national pastors, discovering their visions and dreams for their churches.

 • Be in contact with group leaders from the United States and Canada, discussing how best to work alongside these pastors and churches.

 • Assess the needs of churches and the abilities of groups in order to create harmonious matches.

 • Advocate for sustainable projects, ministry that will equip and edify all parties involved.

 • Establish a framework in which relationships are primary, projects secondary.

 • Recruit more groups from the United States and Canada to be a part of our missions partnership experience.

 • Communicate clearly how groups can best be prepared for their short-term missions trip to ensure that their time at Agua Viva is fruitful and safe.

 • Encourage visiting groups and direct them toward biblically centered, outwardly focused ministry in order to reach Mexico for Christ.

 • Visit multiple ministry sites to ensure that each group has all of the resources they need to be successful on their trip.

 • Play a key leadership role in furthering a longstanding, successful aspect of ministry.

 For more information and to apply contact us at careers@aguaviva.com and be sure to read the full description under “Full-time Positions” in the left-hand sidebar of the web page.