We Are Looking to Buy

We Are Looking to Buy

Thanks to a monetary donation from one of our partners we are looking to buy a low-mileage vehicle for our seminary, and we are asking you to help us look.

The vehicles will be used to transport students to their weekend ministries while in session, to visit alumni serving in remote parts of the country, to promote MTI and to spread the Gospel throughout Mexico.

These vehicles need to be tough and 4-wheel drive to withstand the terrain, so we are looking for 2003-05 Chevy Tahoes or Suburbans, or newer Ford Expeditions. Third-row seating and mileage under 75,000 (the lower the better!).

If you or anyone you know is looking to sell one of these vehicles, contact vehicles@aguaviva.com, we would love to be in touch!

A big thank you to those who give to Agua Viva and join us in reaching Mexico for Christ.