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The Impact of In-Person Classes

Photo Day.  

A couple weeks ago we gathered this year's students in the new Welcome Center for group and individual photos, and it was a blast. Photos are an uncomfortable process for a surprising number of people; every year students confess to us that they've never liked how they look in photos, don't know how to smile, etc. This year was no exception, but the students handled it...differently.

Every time someone stepped up for their individual photo their classmates would say something to make them laugh, to make them feel good, or to boost their self esteem. Some people resisted with a stone-cold face until they couldn't resist any more and broke into smiles and laughter. The top three photos are some of our favorite "breaking" moments from the session.

Their classmates were able to see beauty and positivity where they weren't able to see it in themselves; and while photo day is a trivial example, it illustrates why in-person classes are so important. When we surround ourselves with other believers who are seeking to learn and grow, it shows us both the positive and the negative, and it spurs us to draw closer to God. As staff we love mentoring students and seeing them grow, but we also know that some of the most explosive growth comes from reading through the Bible, serving, and doing daily life with their classmates. We are so incredibly thankful that students are back on campus at the Ministry Training Institute, and ask you to pray for our students!


Join us in prayer for each of our students—that God would work in their hearts and minds, give them clarity through his Word, and give them the right words and actions to share the gospel in Mexico.


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