Short-term Missions Program options

Each group that comes to serve, has its own unique set of gifts. Each local church and community has its own unique challenges. We will match your group with a local church in Ensenada and help you develop a program that matches your gifts to the needs of the local church and community.

ministry options include:


We offer construction opportunities both at the Agua Viva campus and in the city of Ensenada. The bulk of our year-round ministry happens at the ranch, where 50 students study the Bible and thousands of locals come for retreats and camps. Investing in the in-camp facilities creates a space where those who come can more readily encounter God’s presence. You may also choose to participate in the construction of a house or church in Ensenada. We help with the planning and logistics of the project, purchasing and transporting construction materials to the project site, providing some of the tools that you will need to complete the project.

Vacation bible school

VBS is an excellent way to connect with a local church. Many churches enjoy returning to the same church each year to continue the relationships they started. They see the children grow each year and learn what the Lord is doing in their lives. The love of Christ shining through your smile as you play with the children, sing, share the Bible story, help them with their craft, and share snacks with them not only transforms their lives, it will transform yours as well.

We have materials that can help you prepare a schedule of events that runs smoothly and keeps the children’s attention.

Women's bible study

Women’s Bible Study provides the opportunity to minister to the women of Ensenada. The women of your group can share the Word with the ladies of a local church or community. Often combined with a craft, this ministry can run concurrently with Vacation Bible School so that child care will not be a hindrance. While the women are being taught, their children are also being taught and watched.

sports ministry

Believe it or not, something as simple as playing sports with the youth can demonstrate the love of Jesus. After the sports time, a few people from your group can share their testimonies. Many groups give out sodas and/or Gatorade for everyone to enjoy during the testimonies.

Soccer is the most popular sport to watch and to play in Mexico, with basketball also being an option. Some groups like to play Mexicans versus Americans, others like to play with mixed teams. Either way, it is an opportunity to connect with local youth and kids.

Medical clinics

Makeshift clinics are set up either in rural churches or lean-to shelters. Each day you are scheduled in a new location. Local Mexican Christian MDs and Dentists will accompany you to each site and will facilitate patient follow up and ensure legal coverage.

In addition to the housing, food, and logistics, we provide extensive training materials, pre-trip ministry site setup and pre-planning, purchase of essential formulary medications, pre-clinic community promotion, translators, on-site consultation with local Christian medical and dental providers to facilitate proper imaging, lab follow up and proper umbrella coverage, charting for chronically ill patients to ensure continuity of care.

have another idea?

Haircutting ministry, bike-fixing ministry, fill-in-the-blank-with-your-talent ministry. If you have an idea we'd love to hear it and see how you can use your gifts to bless Mexico!


Open to Mexicans and Americans of all ages, Embrace is a week to build new friendships working alongside other believers fulfilling the great commission in Ensenada.

Bring a Group

You can organize a team to serve for a week. Is God calling your church or small group to serve in Mexico? We would love to partner you with a local ministry. 


We have compiled information to  help you and your team with the cultural and logistical difficulties of preparing for ministry in Mexico. Enjoy!

I'd like to give

Even a small donation goes a long way toward taking the gospel to the unreached of Mexico.