Back From Vizcaíno

"Right before we left at the end of the week, I saw people crowding around the van. I asked one of my teammates, 'What are we giving away?' thinking maybe food or toys, but he told me no, 'They want more Bibles...'" Nayeli, Marbelidia, and Ricardo sat down to share with us their experience in the agricultural fields of Vizcaíno, and for all three, their main surprise was just how hungry people were for the word of God. "We were able to connect with people almost instantly, some people had been in churches before and wanted materials in their language, and others were hearing about Jesus for the first time and wanted a Bible."

For almost all of the 10 students that went, it was their first mission trip, and an eye-opening experience. They visited the temporary homes of the migrant workers to listen to them and pray with them. Nayeli was taken aback by how most people she spoke with just needed a listening ear, and how hearing their stories opened the door to share the good news. For the workers that don't speak Spanish, they had audio Bibles and worship songs in several dialects so that each person could hear the Word of God in their mother tongue.

"The transformation on their faces when they heard their own language, they would just light up," Ricardo told us. In the last blog post we mentioned that this trip would be planting the seeds for missionary hearts in our students, and these seeds are the realizations our students came to on the trip: people are hungry for the Word of God, people want to be heard and experience Christian community, and people love hearing good news in their native language. 

What an incredible experience for these students! We know that the impact of their weeklong trip might seem small, but what God did in their hearts will continue to draw them to the mission field, will drive them to learn new languages, and will eventually lead to a Mexico transformed by the love of Jesus.