Early Start On Thanksgiving

Every Wednesday morning we start off the work day with a staff devotional time. This week we took the devotional time to get an early start on Thanksgiving and share things we are thankful for. As we went around the room tears started flowing and each person opened up about their struggles, but how much they have to be thankful for even in the midst of those struggles. 

Our newest volunteer shared how worried she was that she wouldn't be accepted, but on arriving she realized that she was loved and received like a member of the family. Another shared her gratitude that after a difficult diagnosis and a rough pandemic, her father was healthy and active again. A few of our staff members are also pastors, and one shared how worried he was when he felt God calling him to pastor—how he didn't think he'd have enough bandwidth for the church members. He shared how grateful he is that God has been providing him with a capacity for love greater than what he ever expected, and how new church members are arriving each week.

Some of the stories our staff members shared are almost too heavy to bear, but together we were able to recognize God's hand sustaining each of us, and there is no better reason to give thanks. What a beautiful time to share each other's burdens, cry together, and give credit to the author of our faith for his generosity and love. What about you? What struggles have you been facing lately, and how have you been able to give thanks even in the midst of those trials? We're rolling into November with an attitude of thanks, and we invite you into thankfulness with us!