Embrace 2023

• Multicultural Missions Camp

• Connect Through Service

July 9-14, 2023

Embrace 2023

Costs and Information

$350 Adult (13+) • $250 Child (6-12)

5 & Under No Charge

$50 Deposit per Person

Or 20% Total Cost for Groups

  • Cabin lodging at our safe facilities
  • Amazing Mexican food
  • Interpreter for your team
  • Ministry materials
  • A life-changing week

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Embrace?

Embrace is a missions-based camping experience that brings people together from different cultures and backgrounds to serve the community of Ensenada, Mexico.


Do I have to come with a group?

No! Embrace is open to individuals, families, or groups.


What ministry will I be doing during embrace?

You will give us your top three ministry options and we will assign you to a
group, based on where you would like to serve. Some of the different options
include: children’s ministry, visiting rehab centers, construction, visiting
orphanages, and many others!


How will I spend my time during the week of Embrace?

First, your day will start with a delicious breakfast at Agua Viva! We will make
lunches, load the vehicles, and then head out to do ministry. You will stay
together with your group and each group will serve at two different ministry
sites, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. In between ministries,
we will stop and eat a quick lunch that we bring with us from Agua Viva. After
the afternoon ministry, we will had back to Agua Viva for another delicious meal.
Two nights during the week we have special services planned and the other
nights, you are free to relax, play some soccer, and enjoy the beautiful
surroundings at Agua Viva.


Do I need anything before Embrace starts?

The only thing you need to do is fill out the registration form and pay the camper fees. We will be in touch with


Who else will be on my team?

Embrace is open to people all over the world! While the majority of the people
who attend are from Mexico and the United States, we have had teams come
from as far away as Brazil and Norway. You will serve together with a team of
people from all over!


Do I need to speak Spanish?

No! Agua Viva will provide interpreters.


Do I need to drive my car?

You can drive your car if you would like, but Agua Viva will also provide
transportation to and from the ministry sites.


Where is the nearest airport I can fly to?

The nearest airport in Mexico is in Tijuana and the nearest airport in the U.S. is San Diego. Both are about a 2 hour drive from Rancho Agua Viva. Let us know if you need transportation to and from the airport and, for an additional fee, we will arrange for an airport shuttle.

Embrace Dates Don't Work?

• Bring a group • Choose the date • Flexible service projects  • Partnership with active local ministry

Strengthen The Mexican Church

• Support missionaries in the field

• Sponsor a youth for a week of camp

• Support a Ministry Training Institute student

• Give the Mexican Church strength and opportunity to grow.

• Reach Mexico for Christ.

We invite you to invest in Mexico via Agua Viva by clicking below!