Mission Trip To Vizcaíno

You enter a large, open area, and you hear different languages you've never heard before, new vowels, new intonations; ...6...7...8 different dialects. Is it the tower of Babel? Not quite, it's an agricultural field, smack in the middle of the Baja Peninsula, Vizcaíno. Migrant workers from all over Mexico gather in a large complex to work in the fields and live here for a time before moving to the next job. Several of Mexico's 300+ languages are spoken here, and for many families, communication with others is difficult if not impossible, as they do not speak Spanish.

Currently 10 students from the Ministry Training Institute are on a mission trip to the fields of Vizcaíno with a ministry called "Buenas Nuevas." Buenas Nuevas produces audio Bibles in Mexico's indigenous languages and distributes them to migrant workers. Our students will be doing programs, games, and classes for the children in Vizcaíno, but will also be trained in "language diagnosis" to get the adult workers audio Bibles in the correct language, their own native tongue.

Let's pray that God uses our students for his kingdom this week. For many of them this is their first mission trip, and for many of them it will be a turning point in which they realize they can be missionaries. This trip will be a catalyst for our students to hear God's call to the nations...within their own nation! 

Currently our students are out of service range, or just too busy serving; but when they return we hope to have photos for you from Vizcaíno!