Setting Up Your Mission From Home



Check out the ministry partnership options below to pick out your top 2. Write down any questions you have about the program.


Set A Date

Contact to set a date for your Mission From Home, to partner you with the right ministry, and to answer your questions.


Send Final Head Count

One month before your trip, send us your final head count and mailing address for snacks from Mexico and printed journals. Also send sponsorship and project funds so you can see videos of your partnership in action.

Making The Most Of Your Mission From Home


Bring The Group Together

While Missions From Home can be enjoyed by individuals in their homes, it's designed to create conversation over a shared Mexican meal. Bring the group together around a big TV and live the missions experience together.


Watch The Food Tutorials

Gerardo from Agua Viva's kitchen shows you how to prepare authentic & easy Mexican dishes. Watch ahead of time to eat pastel azteca, bistec ranchero, and other dishes to fully enjoy the program.


Use The Videos To The Full

Get to know your partner church and the family you're working with through videos unique to your group. Use the campfire and nature videos to discuss and to journal. Make note of questions you have for our closing Zoom.

Cost Per Person - $100 USD + Project Funds

Participation fees support students at the Ministry Training Institute!

El Roble

Miguel & Mayra pastor a church plant in a community on the outskirts of Ensenada. Every weekend they have a children's program with breakfast and tutoring, and are looking to grow their ministry in the community.


Brenda & Antonio moved to a new neighborhood and felt a burden for the kids of the neighborhood. They have a breakfast & lunch program 3 days a week and hope to include more dynamic activities & classes.

Manzana 41

Alexandro took on the project of transforming an empty lot to a public sports complex in his home neighborhood Colonia 89 (Ensenada's roughest). He coaches a kids' team and has classes for underprivileged kids in the area.

Missions From Home Sample Itinerary


Sunday—recommended food: quesadillas & salsa.

  • Intro Zoom call.
  • What to expect, our hopes for group, how to make the most of experience (We recommend you eat ceviche during video walking tour of first street, etc.).
  • Video introduction to partnering pastor. Background of project of the week.
  • Prayer for/with group.
  • Campfire video, have each member write their prayer for the week.

Monday—recommended food: ceviche (instructional video available).

  • “What do you love most about Mexico? Where do you see Jesus at work in Mexico?”
  • Devotional: Learning to see Jesus in our community.
  • Journaling time with Rancho nature video in background.
  • Work project live stream and/or video update.
  • First street/malecón tourist video.
  • Evening Zoom call.

Tuesday—recommended food: chilaquiles (instructional video available).

  • Video “What do you think Jesus wants to change in your community?” (Exploring the spiritual needs in Mexico)
  • Video José Luis, Nora, Gama—Proyecto Alas church plant.
  • Devotional, new nature video, Journaling time.
  • Work project live stream and/or update. Lunch with work crew.
  • Visit to taco stand.
  • Evening Zoom call.

Wednesday—recommended food: (TBD).

  • Video “How is God preparing you to be his hands and feet?” Pastor sharing testimonies, MTI student sharing what s/he is learning and future plans.
  • Devotional, new nature video, Journaling time.
  • Work project wrap-up, thank you from pastor.
  • Bufadora tourist visit.
  • Evening Zoom call to thank, close, and pray.